Michael Makhal is a Western Classical Violinist, Conductor and Music Composer from India. He is an Associate of London College of Music – University of West London in Music Literacy (Music Composition).
Michael is the founder of the Indo-European Chamber/Youth Orchestra, which is probably the first Indian Western Classical Music Orchestra to perform in Europe. The Indo-European Orchestra performed in Budapest, Hungary at the Danube Palace on 18th August 2019 creating a historic moment for India. The orchestra had its 2nd concert at the Festetics Palace on 14th August 20122. And, this year, the widely admired orchestra would perform at the very prestigious Royal Palace of Gödöllő on 14th August 2023. The orchestra would be once again led by Maestro Michael Makhal. And, the Orchestra Program Director is his wife and Co-founder of IEYO Sudeshna Makhal.

​Michael is among very Indian composers who write music for International orchestras and artists. Michael’s specialty, he composes music on Indian Raaga and traditional Folk style for Western Classical orchestras and musicians. One of his landmark work  ‘1947 Summer of India’ for Cello solo and String Orchestra had its World Premiere in Italy at the 8th Luci Della Ribalta International Festival in Narni, on 29th August 2018. This is for the first time the Italian Festival preformed an Indian composer’s work. Michael’s composition Ancient India had its premiere at the prestigious Bob Jones University, the United States of America. His number of original pieces have been world premiered in the Grand Budapest Concerts in 2019 and 2022 as well with the Indo-European Youth Orchestra.

Michael’s first success came when he won the selection of representing the Indian Commission at the Commonwealth Games 2014 as a Composer for the Scokendia Ensemble. He wrote a piece called the ‘Spirit of India’ for the ensemble, which was performed during the Commonwealth Games 2014 in Glasgow in several venues, having its World Premiere at the prestigious Stevenson Hall of the Royal Conservatory of Scotland on 25th July 2014.

In India, Michael has formed his own Symphonic Orchestra in 2012, which performs all over India in prestigious events. Michael is the co-founder of the Autumn International Music Fest Hyderabad and the Indo European Chamber Orchestra.

Sudeshna Makhal

Sudeshna Makhal is the Co-founder and the Orchestra Program Director at Indo-European Youth Orchestra, she is also a Director at Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra Pvt. Ltd. (MMSO). Sudeshna is also a Jewelry Designer and has an impressive career in the designing field as a professional Jewelry designer, Lecturer and Entrepreneur. In 2013, Sudeshna and her husband Michael Makhal founded MMSO and in 2018, they co-founded Indo-European Orchestra under the management of MMSO and launched its maiden concert at the Autumn International Music Fest Hyderabad 2018 with a huge success. Sudeshna is an integral part IEYO, she supervises all the off-stage and behind the curtain activities, managing the young musicians, planning the program and a list of managerial tasks, while Michael heads the performance related matters, conducts the workshop and masterclasses, and prepare the orchestra for the gala concert. A big credit goes to Sudeshna for her relentless and flawless leadership in building IEYO where is today.