Registration for the Grand Budapest Concert in August 2024

Registration for the Audition process for the Grand Budapest Concert August 2024 is now Open!

Registration: All interested candidates must register first in order to appear for the audition. Here is the formCLICK HERE


Indo-European Youth Orchestra (IEYO) is the first India-based Chamber/Youth orchestra that has performed in Europe. The first concert took place on 18th August 2019 at the Danube Palace hall in Budapest, Hungary. After the Pandemic, IEYO once again resumed its collaboration with Europe and performed at the Festetics Palace and ASCC – Embassy of India in August 2022. It was the second edition of the Concert project to Hungary. 

In 2023, IEYO performed at the ASCC – Embassy of India on 12th August 2023 and at the Royal Palace of Godollo on 14th August 2023. Indo-European Youth Orchestra is the first India based chamber and intercultural music ensemble to perform in these events in Europe. 

IEYO always invites young and senior musicians from various nationalities in its concerts, other than from India, IEYO had young talents from South Korea, Australia, UK, the US, and Hungary in the ensemble at its respective concerts.It goes without saying, Indo-European Chamber/Youth Orchestra has successfully made a mark for itself on the map of global chamber/youth orchestras. Our young musicians indeed came back home with a treasure of knowledge, experience, and motivation unparallel to anything. We are extremely glad for the life changing contribution we could make to the lives of these young performers. 


We are glad to announce that, we are preparing for the 4th edition of the Grand Budapest Concert 2024 with our Indo-European Youth Orchestra at Budapest, Hungary in August 2024. The widely admired Youth Orchestra with talented musicians from India and different parts of the world will once again enthrall the learned audience of Budapest with a great lineup of extraordinary pieces that would include works of legends like Vivaldi, Dvorak, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Elgar, Mozart, Tagore, and more. 

Please fill up the details if you are interested to audition and participate in the Hungary Concert trip in Aug 2024. If you are shortlisted, we will send you further information by Jan 2024 along with the details of the fees for the participation in the Grand Budapest concert 2024. Also, the audition and other important information will be shared with you. The audition is for the Western Classical string players namely Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass at the intermediate and above levels. The Wind and Brass players are also welcome to audition. 

The entire concert project is managed by Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra (MMSO).

Festetics Palace 2022

Our performance repertoire has a unique line-up of orchestral pieces from the National Song of India – Vande Mataram, Indian Raga based pieces composed by Maestro Michael Makhal, and also, works of legendary European composers like Mozart, Vivaldi, Elgar and Brahms.  IEYO is renowned for its intercultural musical repertoire and performance approach and the ensemble desires to inspire western musicians around the world to join the ensemble in their international concerts, and explore Indian classical music as well as enjoy playing Indian classical Raga based original compositions. 

Young musicians always learn the best when they perform with orchestras, they get inspired by their fellow musicians and get motivated to do music with a true passion. Our main goals for this concert and workshop project are to inspire young talents to fall in love with music and do music to the best of their ability, also, gain invaluable experience from playing in an international concert with musicians from different parts of the world including professionals, and be more confident, creative and also, get trained to be a great team player. We have also added one more rehearsal day (with the Hungarian professional musicians) in the 2024 concert edition.

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Registration: All interested candidates must register first in order to appear for the audition. Here is the form:


The Grand Budapest Concert on 14th August 2023 | The Royal Palace of Gödöllő