Grand Budapest Concert 2023

Indo-European Youth Orchestra (IEYO) is the first India-based Chamber/Youth orchestra that has performed in Europe. The first concert took place on 18th August 2019 at the Danube Palace hall in Budapest, Hungary. After the Pandemic, IEYO once again resumed its collaboration with Europe and performed at the Festetics Palace and ASCC – Embassy of India in August 2022. It was the second edition of the Concert project to Hungary. 

In 2023, IEYO performed at the ASCC – Embassy of India on 12th August 2023 and at the Royal Palace of Godollo on 14th August 2023 as part of the Palace Concerts series conducted by prestigious Hungarian organisation Danube Symphony Orchestra. Indo-European Youth Orchestra is the first India based chamber and intercultural music ensemble to perform in these events in Europe. 

IEYO always invites young and senior musicians from various nationalities in its concerts, other than from India, IEYO had young talents from South Korea, Australia, UK, the US, and Hungary in the ensemble at its respective concerts. It goes without saying, Indo-European Chamber/Youth Orchestra has successfully made a mark for itself on the map of global chamber/youth orchestras. Our young musicians indeed came back home with a treasure of knowledge, experience, and motivation unparalleled to anything of its kind. We are extremely glad for the life changing contribution we could make to the lives of these young performers. We are at present working towards expanding our collaborations in Europe and other parts of the world, and to perform our Indian and Western classical unique repertoire before the learned and enthusiastic audience who equally appreciate Indian Raga based music and Western classical concertos and chamber works.

Grand Budapest Concert 2023 | Royal Palace of Gödöllő

On 14th Aug 2023, we had the Grand Budapest Concert at the Royal Palace of Gödöllő, Budapest Hungary before a wonderful audience who not only applauded us generously but also participated with hum and claps. This is for the first time any India-based Chamber/Youth Orchestra performed at one of the largest European Palaces covered with real gold and for local music lovers and tourists. Last year, we performed at the Festetics palace, another prestigious venue for art and cultural events. In 2019, our first and historic concert, we performed at the Danube Palace hall, which has been graced by famous musicians like Bartok in the 19th and 20th centuries. The concert at the Royal Palace of Gödöllő this year was as thrilling for the audience as for all the musicians, everyone enjoyed it from their heart and the audience showered us with a long standing ovation and curtain calls, something we will remember for ages to come. 

At the Grand Budapest Concert 2023, IEYO has performed a unique repertoire on Indian and Western Classical Music. The concert began with the National Song of India – Vande Mataram, followed by Sangram – a Raga based composition of Maestro Michael Makhal, written for the Santoor and String Orchestra. The very next piece was the famous Hungarian Dance no. 5 by Johannes Brahams. The repertoire had quite a few interesting pieces namely, Dance of the Blessed Spirits by Gluck and Summer 3rd movement from the Four Seasons by Vivaldi both for solo Violins and respectively performed by two young and advanced level Violinists – Suraj Subramaniam and Srijan Mookherjee. IEYO always perform a medley of Tagore, and this year too there was an arrangement of Arup Paul of two Tagore songs – Amra Sobai Raja and Jodi Tor Dak Shune Keu. This year IEYO had a very talented young Saxophone player Vihaan Singla, who played a special Indian classical piece on Saxophone composed by Maestro Makhal called the ‘Story of Stars’ mesmerizing the European audience , also touched the heart of everyone with his rendition of You Raise Me by Josh Groban. The Santoor played by Debanshu Sen won hearts with his beautiful performance of the amazing instrument Santoor, he is a student Ustad Aashish Khan ji. Debanshu is not only a highly talented and acclaimed Santoorist, he is probably the only Santoor player in India who is capable of playing with a Western Chamber orchestra following the conductor and the score. A talent like Debanshu is rare. Maestro Michael Makhal composes exclusive pieces for Santoor and String Orchestra that are performed in the Concerts of Indo-European Orchestra.

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Royal Palace of Gödöllő 2023